Joshua S. Kangley


Journey To Truth

It all started with seeking the truth about life. I know that sounds like a huge and broad undertaking, but I wanted to know more than was being taught at school. I wanted to see the world and experience it for myself. This mindset has lead me around the world and has allowed me to meet all different kinds of people. 


The Power of Positivity

When you set out to seek the truth about life it can lead to unexpected places and possible disappointments. It can uncover uncomfortable feelings and challenges along the way. However, what I discovered is, that there is a number of truths. One of them, is the power of positive thinking. This is one of the very first truths I learned in my journey of life. I discuss these truths, or Principles, as I call them, in my book, "The 7 Principles of Success" which is available exclusively on Amazon. Find it here: 


We Are All On Our Own Journey

Each of us are on this beautiful planet going through life and it truly is a journey.  My perspective about life is this: We all may as well make our journey an adventurous one and while we are at it, we all may as well help one another along the way.


About Josh

         Joshua S. Kangley is a writer and entrepreneur. Growing up he was influenced by his father who was also an entrepreneur. "I saw the freedom my dad had in being his own boss and that made a huge impression on me and really shaped my outlook on life. My mother also had a very strong work ethic, so she instilled in me early on that value as well. I value time with family and freedom to do the things I really care about. I feel that we all value these things, we just need help to make them a reality." 

        Kangley is an emerging author and motivational speaker. "I've learned that my passion and purpose is to help others maximize their potential, realize their passion, and live life more according to their purpose." I would encourage anyone who is wanting more out of life to subscribe, on my home page, to my Success Newsletter. Just enter your email (I do not share your email with anyone) and click "subscribe." No spam.

"Also, I encourage you to take it a step further if you're really serious about maximizing your potential to purchase my new book on Amazon, . This book is packed with the very Principles that I myself used to reach success. My Purpose is to share that knowledge with you and if I can help just one more person reach their success than I feel happy about that."