Table Talk #1 (Love and Light)

Table Talk #1 with Dr. Dawn Karima! We discuss the power of positivity and love! Listen to Dawn as love pours from her heart and talks about her l and all of her fascinating projects!

Table Talk #2 (Mass Incarceration)

Table Talk #2 with Dant'e Cottingham! Another great show and conversation! Listen to Dant'e as he speaks on social matters and particular, America's mass incarceration problem and society's view on crime and punishment and prison reform. 

Table Talk #3 (State of Health Care)

Table Talk #3 with Dr. Kristy Taylor! Another fantastic show as we discuss Healthcare in America, entrepreneurship, and more! 

Table Talk #4 (From Corporal To Higher Consciousness)

Table Talk #4 with Rev. Dr. Marcus Hart! Listen in as we discuss spirituality and overcoming trauma! Listen to Marcus as he details his supernatural encounter!

Table Talk #5 Awakening the Divine-Evolution of Consiousness

Table Talk #5 with Radhaa Nilia! She joins the show as we discuss the relevant topic of women's movements happening today and what this means for all humanity. Get ready for a healing show!

Table Talk #6 (Patricia Leonard, A One Woman Show)

Table Talk #6 with Patricia Leonard! Patricia joins the show and talks about the importance of clarity of Vision and shares a touching story of her grandson, in that story, a lesson we can all learn. 

Table Talk #7 (Taking the leap)

Table Talk #7 with Lorne Thomas! Lorne and I discuss entrepreneurship and what it takes to start a business. Lorne also shares how he went from working for a company to starting his own! This episode is great for all you entrepreneurs out there! Take notes!

Table Talk #8 (Making your website popular!)

Table Talk #7! Jeff Hall joins the show and we discuss how to optimize your website and get you front and center of Google. Jeff shares how he can help your business compete and rank number #1! We talk SEO! 

Table Talk #9 ( Hollywood Film One Star Rider )

Table Talk #9! Eddy Lee, Hollywood Actor , joins the show and he shares how he left his private practice in New York and moved to L.A. to pursue acting and is now premiering a new film at the North Hollywood Cinefest! 

Eddy is also Co-Founder of Ampersand Leaders and we discuss leadership.

Table Talk #10 (Bully Chaser Movement/12 Year old ceo)

Table Talk #10! Egypt Ufele, 12 year old entrepreneur, joins the show and shares her story about her bullying experience and how she turned it into a positive and now runs her own line of fashion which she debuted at New York Fashion Week! 

Table Talk #11 Solo Segment 1/Who the heck is Joshua Kangley

Table Talk #11! This is a solo segment today! I take this opportunity to thank you all for listening to Table Talks with Joshua Kangley and explain a little bit more about myself and why I wrote my book, The 7 Principles of Success, and why I do my show, Table Talks.


Table Talk #12 (Go For it!)

Table Talk #12! Jo Hausman, a best selling author, radio show host, speaker, business and life coach joins the show! We talk about entrepreneurship and so much more! 

More about Jo:

Table Talk #13 (Your difference is Your Super Power!)

Table Talk #13! Gibby Booth joins the show and we talk super powers, entrepreneurship, and so much more!

Gibby tells her story and shares her inspiration!

More on Gibby:

Table Talk #14 S.S. 2/the 7 concepts of customer service

Table Talk #14! Another solo segment as I talk about the importance of customer service and the impact it can have on business. 

Table Talk #15 ("Man Up with the Man Up show!)

Table Talk #15! Kyle Trahan, from "Man Up" joins the show today and we talk about the importance of the fellowship of men. It's all about men in this show and what Kyle and the guys from Man Up are doing to spread important ideas and issues relating to men.

Table Talk #16 Solo Segment 3/Divine Purpose

Table Talk #16! Solo Segment #3! I talk about Purpose and read from my book, The 7 Principles of Success. I also share thoughts about purpose from Peter Mchugh on the Vaudle App.

Table Talk #17 Solo Segment 4/True Leadership

Table Talk #17! Solo Segment #4! I talk about true qualities of leadership and how that pertains to my company. I read from my book, The 7 Principles of Success. Also, I share thoughts from Mike Zeitgeist on Leadership and Empathy, from the Vaudle App.

Table Talk #18 (Death Comes To The President)

Table Talk#18! William Turner, author of successful novel, A Murder In Our Midst, joins me on the show to talk about his new murder mystery, Death Comes To The President. He shares advice and tips to aspiring writers. Both book are available on Amazon!

Table Talk #19 (Born To Talk)

Table Talk #19! Marsha Wietecha joins the show and we talk about her radio show, Born To Talk Radio Show on! She shares her story on how she got started and her experience in the studio.

More on Marsha: