Table Talk s.2/e.1 geoff antonio (Listening to purple)

Season 2 starts off with a rocking bang as Geoff Antonio joins the show and talks about his new show, Swagger Swerve!

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Table Talk s.2/e.2 MEL (Not Wonder Woman)

Mel joins the show and we discuss her podcast show, Not Wonder Woman, and also her website Mel also shares her inspiring story of overcoming fear and the advantages of a supportive spouse.

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Table Talk s.2/e.3 Katherine Appello (Fighting Fibromyalgia)

Katherine Appello joins the show and we talk about her fight with Fibromyalgia, how she overcame it, and how she is helping other people. 

She also talks about using her poetry and music to connect and heal others as it has been healing for her.

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Table Talk s.2/e.4 Jeet Banerjee (Young Serial Entrepreneur)

So excited to have Jeet Banerjee on the show as we discuss his journey to entrepreneurship! A TEDx speaker, and has been featured on Forbes and HuffPost to name a couple. He travels all around speaking and spends his time helping others put in place proven business modalities.

Table Talk s.2/e.5 Ernesto Lee (Blockchain Technology)


Table Talks Season 2 Episode 5! We talk technology with Ernesto Lee, specifically Blockchain technology.

Ernesto shares his passion of technology and teaching in this episode as he explains Blockchain technology and its uses.

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Table Talk s.2/e.6 Dr. Muhammad Emran (Simple Health Radio)

Table Talks Season 2 Episode 6! 

Dr. Muhammad Emran comes on to the show and we discuss important health related issues. We talk about his show, Simple Health Radio, and how he is using that platform to discuss common diseases and illnesses. 

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Table Talk s.2/e.7 Wez (VendETTA lamour)


Table Talks Season 2 Episode 7!

We rock it out with Wez, from his band, Vendetta Lamour. He's worked with The Beach Boys and many other artists! Fun fact--Wez also created the first internet live TV show! Listen to his amazing story and his music!

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Table Talk s.2/e.8 Chris Von Grebe (leaning into fear)


Table Talks Season 2 Episode 8! 

Writer/Director Christopher Von Grebe joins the show and we talk about his new horror film, They're In The House! He talks about what it took for him to get his dream off the ground and running.  

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Table Talk s.2/e.9 Solo Segment 5 (Passion)

Table Talks Season 2 Episode 9! Solo Segment 5! 

I am back with another solo segment talking about Passion. Passion is one of the Principles I discuss in my book, The 7 Principles of Success and I talk more about it here in this episode.

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Table Talk s.2/e.10 Ahmed A.K. (a bridge the next level)

Table Talks Season 2 Episode 10! Ahmed A.K. from Dubai, talks about social media digital marketing. Ahmed has made some of the world's most viral videos and is a master at social media. He know wants to share that knowledge with you and help businesses grow.

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Table Talk s.2/e.11 tim e.d. (Magic of disney)

Table Talks Season 2 Episode 11! Tim E.D. joins the show and we talk about his super cool radio show! He shares how he used his TV hosting experience in his own new show and also how its helpful in his freelance business. 

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Table TAlk s.2/e.12 Dr. Chris Zaino (I am Hero)

Table Talks Season 2 Episode 12! 

Dr. Chris Zaino, former Mr. America & Mr. Universe, talks about his battle with a deadly health experience and he shares how he overcame it and how he is now using his story to help millions of people! 

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Table Talk s.2/e.13 Solo Segment 6 (Take Time)

Table Talks Season 2 Episode 13 Solo Segment 6

I share some announcements! I have a new book coming out in mid July! Stay tuned for the awesome news! 

I share audio from last episode with Dr. Chris Zaino about managing time and career with family.

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Table TAlk s.2/e.14 Howard Berg (Speed reading and learning)

Howard Berg, Guinness Record Holder of the Fastest Reader in the World!

Howard discusses his methods and how he got started in this engaging and interactive conversation! 

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Table Talk s.2/e.15 Eman Shams (Chemistry and Technology)

Eman has many awards and she is recognized widely for her work. She decided to write a book that teaches Chemistry using modern technology in a magical and revolutionary way!

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Book :

Table talks s.2/e.16 solo segment 7 (mentorship)

Today to talk about mentorship and what that means to me and what I can do for you and your career.

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Table Talks s.2/E.17 Chanise Okonkwo (Just SAy no to Debt)

Chanise Okonkwo joins me on the show today and she discusses her book, "Do Not Give Up Your Gummy Bears To Borrow A Teddy Bear: Just Say No To Debt".

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Table talks s.2/e.18 mike acker (speaking with no fear)

On episode 18 of Season 2 Table Talks I speak with Mike Acker, best selling author on Amazon and author of #1 Best Seller, Speaking With No Fear. 

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Table talks s.2/e.19 DeAndre Wilson (keep rolling)

DeAndre Wilson is getting a lot of attention with his Keep Rolling Campaign. A movement, literally, started by his father, pushing a 230 pound tractor tire around the community as he battled cancer. 

Find DeAndre's campaign, Keep Rolling Campaign, on Facebook.