Podcast #1 INTRO

Podcast #1! Listen in to my podcast show to learn even more about the 7 Principles I discuss in my book, "The 7 Principles of Success". I discuss each Principle in the following episodes and bring on guests to share their story as well!

Podcast #2 PURPOSE

Podcast #2! I talk about Purpose and offer tools to help you find your Purpose! I also feature 2 great guests on the show who share their stories and what Purpose means to them. 

Podcast #3 Passion

Podcast #3! Ready to turn on your passion and give your life a turbo- charged boost? Listen in as I discuss the powerful principle of passion! 

Podcast #4 Positivity

Podcast #4! I discuss the power of positivity and what you can do to be more positive in an ever-increasing negative world.

Podcast #5 Planning

Podcast #5! Listen in as I talk about the Principle of Planning and the power it has in your life when you head towards your big Picture prepared!

if you don't have my book yet, get it here: http://a.co/08afuBm

Podcast #6 Persistence

Podcast #6! Listen as I discuss the power of persistence and how others have used this power to achieve massive success and how you can too!

Podcast #7 Patience

Podcast # 7! Listen in as I discuss the immense power of Patienc! Those of you with children know how important patience truly is and the power it has. 

Podcast #8 big Picture

Podcast #8! Listen in as I discuss the power of having a big Picture or vision and how you can use it to stay on your path to succes! 

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